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Best Catalog Online Printing - Business Catalog vs Brochure Design

Best Catalog Online Printing - Business Catalog vs Brochure Design

Catalogs and Brochures definitely dominate the market when it comes to advertising your business; especially when they combine such strong powerful words with excellent imagery & flair. Both utilize text and photos to express information. Their content is more thorough than flyers or posters. Despite such similarities, catalogs and brochures are actually quite different by design!

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Catalog and Brochures Design Differences-

• Size
Brochures are typically smaller (i.e. often folded vs having a page count) so care needs to be taken over the amount of words and graphics incorporated into the piece. Businesses typically use brochures to market a new launch or event. So it's vitally important to get the formatting and layout correct in a way that sufficiently informs the readers without crowding the page. Catalogs however are expected to provide a lot of information and details through numerous pages including features & benefits, thorough product and or service descriptions, specifications, ordering information, pricing and so on.

• Audience
Brochures are intended to attract new customers while catalogs are designed to encourage repeat business from existing or already interested clientele. Be sure to design your brochures with stunning & memorable photos so new clients are tempted to grab and open your brochure. Text should focus on the main message - answering why consumers need your product and services. But don't forget the number one rule, include your contact information! Catalogs on the other hand are created specifically for clients who have already established interest in your products and or services and need more details. Although eye-catching imagery is still crucial, catalogs should be designed with plenty of room for descriptions, specifications, and order information.

• Intended Response
What is your end goal- what exactly do you want the consumer to do with your marketing piece? Brochures and Catalogs elicit very different responses. Brochures encourage the reader to contact you for more information that may solve their immediate problem or need. Catalogs compel the reader to place their order. As a business, it's important to understand the reaction you desire in order to choose and best design your successful catalog or brochure. Since brochures encourage contact, be sure to include how you want them to contact you (via phone, address, email, local sales rep and or office information etc) - don't make it difficult for the reader to respond! Likewise, Catalogs have to be careful that the important information (how to easily place their order) is not lost in an amongst all the product / service details.  It's fundamentally important that catalogs are laid out in a very user friendly manner and that the whole process of ordering is very simple (whether it be by phone, online etc).  Otherwise, your catalog simply won't be used and you could be missing out on significant buisness purely due to easily correctable design flaws!

• Structure
Catalogs generally have a table of contents at the front and an index section at the back (for categories and sub-categories by page number) making it very user friendly to find and order your products or services. Brochures are more simple less structured (typically folded vs bound)- they just need to catch attention and highlight a few features and benefits in order for you to get contacted.

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Ultimately brochures sell a concept and draw in a reader to inquire about your business. Catalogs essentially sell your products and or services! Understanding these key subtle differences will ensure proper design of your business catalogs and brochures for successful sales growth.

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