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Bookmark Printing - Tips for Bookmark Design

Bookmark Printing - Tips for Bookmark Design

Among the hardest job of a business owner is marketing their business. Because they need to consistently attract customers into their business, they need to come up with exciting and compelling marketing strategies. Sometimes this costs a lot of money, other times it doesn't. However, the biggest problem most business owners face is picking the best material to use in their marketing campaign.

An inexpensive way to market your company is by investing in bookmark printing. Bookmarks are great promotional materials that can serve as giveaways. Bookmarks are easy to produce and don't require a lot of investment. Even if you are on a limited budget, you can easily create and print bookmarks. If done well, you can be sure to have a marketing tool that will stay with your customers for a long time. This guarantees you long market presence and lasting impression. Bookmarks can even be passed on to other potential customers if they are exceptionally attractive and interesting.

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What's great with bookmarks is that they are handy so you can bring them with you anywhere and hand them out to every interested individual your meet. They can substitute as your business card. They can also be brought anywhere by your customers, thus, increasing your visibility. You can even include bookmarks in your mailers so you can distribute them to people in other places.

But of course, you need to make sure your bookmarks are designed well so they can be effective marketing tools. If you want to promote loyalty, here are bookmark design tips to ensure your bookmarks go a long way:

Bookmark Design Tip 1: Use sturdy and high quality paper

You want people to see you as a credible and professional business. You can do this by using durable and high quality paper stock for your bookmarks. A 14pt card stock is ideal to use but you may even want to contact Absolute Color Printing Company directly with your request to determine the best paper stock option for your bookmark concept. Keep in mind that using flimsy paper won't give you a professional appeal, so aim for sturdy paper stock.

Bookmark Design Tip 2: Pick the right color

Black and white printing can be ideal for certain businesses, but if you run a salon or a pet shop, a black and white bookmark won't give you the appeal you want. It would be best to go for color printing that will add to the catchy appeal of your material. Be sure to pick the right color that will fit your business. Each color has a meaning. It's best to understand each color first so you can effectively pick the best one that fits in your bookmark templates.

Bookmark Design Tip 3: Using the right finish

Using the right finish on your bookmark is important which Absolute Color offers several options for. Should you use glossy or matte finish? Should you laminate or coat your bookmark? You need to decide which finishing technique is fit to your material so you will get a shinier and more impressive bookmark. Finishes are reasonably priced and should be chosen according to your purpose and budget.

Bookmark Design Tip 4: Maximize space

It's importnat to maximize the use of space on your bookmark. Because there is only limited space in your bookmark, you need to maximize the use of it. Use both sides to include as much info as you can. Just make sure that there is enough white space to make the information easy to read and understand.

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When done well, your bookmarks will stay with your customers for a long time. This will promote goodwill and loyalty, which will surely bring good sales and profits to your business.

These easy and winning tips will allow you to keep your company's name in the lead of your costumers. For FREE bookmark templates, download bookmark templates at Absolute Color and place your order online today!

Order Bookmark Printing Online

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