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Inexpensive Print Marketing Tools to Help Promote Your Business

Inexpensive Print Marketing Tools to Help Promote Your Business

Careful consideration over your marketing budget is vital to creating lasting market impressions. With your goal to generate revenue, understanding the impact expected from various marketing tools will help manage the business expense.  Absolute Color would like to present 10 low cost elements that can extend anyone's budget without breaking the bank!

Inexpensive Print Marketing Products- Order online!

1.  Never shy away from referrals! 

Business cards and letterhead stationary are effective, inexpensive and professional promotional tools. You can print attractive and informative business cards & letterhead stationary that include your logo. Your unique image will plant a permanent memory in your target audience. 

For assistance with Logo design, please contact us!

Be sure to have plenty business cards on hand where you do business, or anywhere you go!  In social settings, we often get asked "what do you do for work?". This conversation almost always leads to "I know somebody....do you have a business card I can pass along?".  Never leave home without your business cards!

2.  Maintain your image.

Make sure your Business Cards match your Letterhead StationaryEnvelopes & email signatures.  It's important to keep your branding as consistent as possible. Other affordable advertising specialties such as Calendars & Door Hangers help spread the good word and brainwash others with your logo of excellence!

Note Mass Mailing options available at Absolute Color!  Contact us for more information.

3.  Offer Savings.

Print up some gift certificates or coupons which can be in the form of Buck Slips or Tear Cards.  Gift Certificates are cash-flow friendly since they are paid up front.  Buck Slips can pop up in normal customer mailings and can act as a "Thank You" for your business. Tear Cards have a perforated attached business card, ticket or money-savings coupon making your promotional item portable.

4.  Remind clients you are thinking of them.

Send birthday and holiday cards (i.e. folded cards) to clients showing off your logo and reminding them of your continued interest. Customer comment cards (i.e. tear cards) are a great way to solicit feedback and involve your clients in your business.

5.  Reach out to visitors.

Market your business at local hotels & tourism centers with rack cards.  Extremely cost conscious, rack cards are handy & convenient at just the right time.  Rack cards are perfect for when someone will be unexpectedly researching your business and usually with an open mind and time to kill (i.e. on holiday)!

6.  Always be prepared when someone shows interest.

Develop a Brochure or Poster that provides details about your product or service and always have it readily available to discuss.

Order a Tri-Fold Brochure or order Posters online.

Brochures enlighten, posters arouse enthusiasm and packaging authenticates the customer's buying decision.

7.  Impulsive buyers love simple reminders.

Flyers & Postcards can be a really good option for tight budgets. You can create them inexpensively with the most effective results. Flyers and Postcards get to the point quickly without a lot of fuss. This is really desirable in today's fast paced digital world full of jammed packed junk email folders. Send flyers and postcards with your order shipments, mass mail your client base, & have them available to hand out wherever you go.

8.  Use the power of the press release.

If you have something "news worthy" about your company or products/services, organize a monthly or quarterly newsletter and let your customers "READ ALL ABOUT IT"!

Newsletters - order online at Absolute Color!

9.  We aren't too good for "traveling billboards".

Bumper Stickers, Car magnets & Window Clings are easy and affordable advertising constantly working in your favor. Extremely versatile, Car Magnets and Window Clings, can easily be removed and repositioned for the best way to entertain your client's interest.

10.  Extend some Goodwill.

Put on an event and write it off on your taxes as a business expense. For example, host a Halloween Party or Easter Egg Hunt with jumping castles and train rides etc.  Have a photo booth with pre-printed photo paper containing your logo and contact information.  Word travels fast. This is an extremely effective way to bring in new customers.  Nothing speaks louder than goodwill!  People can't help but want to repay you with their business for the good time you provided.  Don't forget to to have all your affordable print marketing materials available for handout to your new clients - business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, calendars, buckslips, tear cards, rack cards, & newsletters.

Contact us at Absolute Color to help with your Banner & Displays for your special events.

Even the smallest of advertising budgets will benefit when you know your customer and understand the huge impact provided by the various inexpensive marketing tools available today.

Start promoting your business inexpensively and effectively today by letting Absolute Color assist with all your printing needs!

Inexpensive Print Marketing Products - Order Online!

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