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Notepad Printing - Great Advertising Tool for Business

Notepad Printing - Great Advertising Tool for Business

We may be experiencing rough economic times, but there is good news for businesses out there. Your marketing budget won't have to suffer! Custom printed notepads are becoming more and more popular. These inexpensive little marketing gems can help companies simultaneously advertise their business and save money.

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Custom Notepads as Advertising Tools -
Perhaps you didn't realize notepads as a way to promote your business? Business Notepads (with letterhead and logo) are a fantastic way to inform clients and potential customers of your existence. They also build ongoing customer loyalty. Notepads are fabulous promotional give-aways! Everyone uses notepads, so why not make them notice your business today and every day?

Designing business notepads is quite simple. All you need is a letterhead / company logo, and a basic watermark design. What an easy marketing tool! Also working with a good printer will offer you the confidence of handling the details for you and with awesome quick turnaround time. Another benefit is the wonderfully low cost. Notepad printing is significantly cheaper than other types of advertising & print marketing strategies. A large number of custom printed notepads can be obtained at an extremely reasonable price. Smart and simple sells!  Notepads can be used for note taking, to do lists, stationery, check lists, promotional give-aways, travel scheduling, and much more....

Here are some recommended ways to grow business with your companies' printed notepads:
1. Trade Show Success- be sure to incorporate company logo & contact information on your business notepads before passing these marketing wonders out to potential customers at industry trade shows.

2. Positively Contagious- by including inspirational messages on your notepads appealing to a wider general consumer.

3. Client meetings - always have these economical marketing tools handy for every client meeting. Should they stay on your potential customer's desk they will continue to advertise your company in many other future meetings!

4. Marketing Events- have your savvy little business notepads available as promotional give-aways for all kinds of marketing events including: ribbon-cuttings, charity auctions, industry seminars, golf events, press conferences, networking events, product launches, theme parties, VIP events, trade fairs, team building events, business dinners, conventions, annual meetings, award ceremonies, board meetings, executive retreats, workshops, company tours, trainings etc.

5. Cut Costs- save $ and buy for internal company & external customer use - cut down on your stationary costs by buying in bulk.

6. Creative Versatility - you can leave the notepad blank (& simple!) or include a list: 

  • Small shops may incorporate a shopping list and highlight something exclusive from your store!  
  • Businesses may choose to organize To Do lists for their employees, or have a general To Do list for the public don't forget to inlcude a visit your businesss as task #1!
  • Restaurants and Deli's may showcase a signature dish on each page.  
  • The medical industry may use as a prescription pad or a list of your supplements and/or services.
  • Departmental stores, educational institutions, financial institutions may choose to go with a Fill-in type where there are printed details and a few blanks used to keep stocks.
  • Vehicle service centers may decide to go with a check list.  
  • Service industries commonly use check lists for customer feedback.  

Gone are the days of boring bulk stationary - choose creatively shaped notepads with brilliant colors and even funny graphics to highlight special promotions.   It's all up to you on how functional you wish your business notepad to be!  The key is to creating memorable, multi-functional notepads.  Knowing how they will be used is critical to working out your incredible and/or simply smart design.

Last but not least, please don't forget to contact a reputable printer to help you out!

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