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Printed Flyers - Design and Print Flyers to Promote Nightclubs

Printed Flyers - Design and Print Flyers to Promote Nightclubs
Printed Flyers and Cards are not often associated with nightclub promotions but they can be a great way to get the word out about the club. Printed flyers are inexpensive to print, easy to hand out and can be very eye-catching if you have a good eye for design. Here are some tips that can help drive business to your nightclub using printed flyers.

Nightclubs often generate the majority of their advertising through word-of-mouth and guerilla marketing techniques — this is because they generally do not advertise on television or in mainstream magazines. Printed flyers for nightclubs is one of the most effective forms of print marketing and you can post them on telephone poles, buildings, community boards and hand them out in person.

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Printed Flyers – Tips for Nightclub Marketing

Nightclub Printed Flyers Marketing Tip 1: Reflect the Atmosphere

The purpose of your printed flyer is to generate interest in your nightclub by letting guests and members know what they can expect — the graphics you choose for your advertising are the most important way to accomplish this. Attractive, exciting flyers will have a large, captivating image that reflects the mood of the nightclub. A jazz club will want to project a different vibe from a dance club. Use images that match the feel of your club and make sure to provide the address and hours on all printed flyers.

Nightclub Printed Flyers Marketing Tip 2: Featured Performers

Many nightclubs have performers, whether they are musicians, comedians, magicians, or other celebrities, and you should make sure to advertise them prominently on your printed flyer. The featured performers are very important for pulling in members and guests because they keep the business seeming like a current and active social scene. These events will change often and therefore the printed flyers must also change often. Thankfully, with a cost competitive online print company like Absolute Color, this is no longer a prohibitively expensive marketing strategy.

Nightclub Printed Flyers Marketing Tip 3: Sponsors

Sponsorship is an important part of the nightclub industry and should also be advertised on your printed flyers. Beverage companies, radio stations, and restaurants all regularly partner with nightclubs for cross-promotion, and the benefit they receive is the visibility. Sponsors want to see their names displayed somewhere on your flyer printing, not quite as visible as any featured performers or events, but visible enough that guests will take notice. Plus, a smart marketer can also ask sponsors for financial support because the sponsor will benefit from the advertising as well.

Nightclub Flyer Print Design Tips – The Basics of Graphic Design

Nightclub Flyer Print Design Tip 1: Bright Colors

Your printed flyer has to pop in order to catch the public's eye! Vibrant colors with high contrast are not just for young, pop-centric nightclubs, but with the help of a graphic designer or user-friendly design software, you can easily learn to use eye-catching colors with style and class. Remember that everything in nightclub flyer printing is about creating a mood and an image, and all of these tools can be used effectively regardless of the mood you are seeking to achieve.

Nightclub Flyer Print Design Tip 2: Use Catchy Language

The wording you choose for your nightclub flyer printing should be exciting and fun enough to draw the attention of anyone who stops to read it—and thanks to the rest of your well-designed nightclub flyer you can be sure they will! Buzzwords, popular phrases, and exciting logos give people something interesting to read in addition to just looking at the images and the color scheme.

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