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Vinyl Banner Printing - Banner Design Tips to Get Your Message Across

Vinyl Banner Printing - Banner Design Tips to Get Your Message Across
Vinyl banners can be a great tool for sending a message. Whether it is for a business sale or to mark an event, a vibrant full color printed banner is sure to help you succeed. However, if you fail in getting your message across then a vinyl banner really doesn't do you any good. Here are the five basic design tips to keep in mind when creating your vinyl banner for printing.

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1. Choose an Appropriate Size

Always consider the space available to display before deciding on the size of the banner. If you design a great vinyl banner that is 4 feet long to fill a display space 20 ft long, your message will not be effective. A good choice for an area 20 feet long would be a banner between 12 and 20 feet long. This ensures that the banner message is large enough to be noticed and not lost in the designated area.

2. Use Colors that Pop

The best vinyl banner designs use bright and unusual colors with some pop in the design to draw the viewers attention. You are not limited to single color backgrounds but you want to choose a color that will allow the viewer to read the banner text easily. Often a good idea for banner text is to use outlines or drop-shadows to pull the letters off the surface and add to the readability. Adding a design element to the background can also add to the "attention grabbing factor" of your banner.

3. Fonts Should be Easy to Read

While some fonts are cool and look wild, you may want to restrain yourself from using these wild fonts on your banners. Decorative fonts have their place and can work well in many cases but decorative fonts can also cause your banner to lose readability. Your goal is to design a custom banner that draws attention to an impactful message that can be read easily.

4. Add Images

People are always curious so adding a photo or image to your banner will likely draw their attention. Many real estate agents use a photo of themselves on full color banners to draw attention and build a sense of trust between them and their client base, even before they ever meet. You don't have to use a photo of yourself, but images in general will draw attention like no other factor to you banners.

5. Make Your Message Short and Clear

Above all, the most important factor in designing a full color vinyl banner is to keep your message clear and short. Many people try to cram as much information as possible into a small area which is a large design error. The most effective banners carry short messages. So boil your information down into its most essential elements: like the name of the event, when it is taking place and a contact source (phone number or website). If interested, people will know what steps to take to find out more. Banners with too much information will inevitably cause the readers mind to shut out and potentially ignore the banner message completely.

Vinyl Banners Printing - Order Online

The bottom line for vinyl banner design is to make it easy for readers to comprehend the message and respond. Combining all of these vinyl banner design tips will help you design the perfect banner for your business, event or occasion.

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