Certifications and Awards

icon-FSC logoForest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

The FSC® is a global organization which sets standards for guiding and coordinating the development of responsible forest management throughout the different biogeographic regions of the world. The FSC® is the standard-setter globally in responsible forest management. Chain-of-Custody certification guarantees that wood comes from certified, responsibly managed forestlands and is tracked throughout the supply chain, from the forest to the consumer.

icon-rainforest allianceRainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods in more than 60 countries around the world by striving to employ standards that are socially and environmentally responsible, as well as economically viable. Participants in the Rainforest Alliance's programs meet rigorous standards and the Rainforest Alliance certified seal of approval assures consumers that they are buying a sustainable product.
(currently applying)

icon-printing industries of gulf coastPrinting Industries of Gulf Coast (PIGC)

Membership in PIGC is available to graphic communications firms in the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast area. The purpose of the Association is to serve as the official representative of the graphic arts industry in the area and further the cause of the industry in the areas of business, government and to the general public. Established in 1918 by a group of Houston printers as the Printer's Education and Publicity Bureau, PIGC is one of the state's oldest still existing trade associations. In 1920, Houston printers joined with Galveston's printing industry to form the Houston-Galveston Typothetae and affiliated with the United Typothetae of America (the original name for Printing Industries of America). PIGC is a non-profit corporation in the State of Texas. (PIGC website)

icon-state of texas-HUBState of Texas (HUB)

Administered by the Texas Building & Procurement Commission (TBPC), Historically Underutilized Business certification acknowledges businesses that have been historically underutilized due to their identification as members of certain groups. These groups include African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Indian Americans, and women. The purpose of a HUB certificate is to promote a business and encourage other businesses to utilize its services. The purpose of this program is to promote full and equal business opportunities for all businesses in state contracting in accordance with the goals specified in the State of Texas Disparity Study. 34 Texas Administrative Code Part 1, Chapter 20, Subchapter B, Sections 20.11-20.28

icon-houston minority business councilHouston Minority Business Council (HMBC)

The mission of the HMBC is "to actively involve its members in efforts that will increase and expand business opportunities and business growth for minority business enterprises." The HMBC strives to connect major corporations interested in establishing business relationships with minority entrepreneurs and in helping them to successfully grow their businesses.

icon-city of houstonCity Of Houston Certification (COHC)

The Certification section implements City Ordinance Numbers 84-1309, 95-336, 98-1213, and 99-893, approved by City Council for the purpose of equalizing the opportunity of minority, women, small, persons with disabilities, and disadvantaged business owners to compete for City contracts.

The Minority, Woman, Small, and Persons with Disabilities Business Enterprise certification program and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certification program assures the legitimacy of ownership, management, and control of firms applying for M/W/S/PDBE and DBE status. Only firms certified by the City of Houston can be used to satisfy the respective goal requirements.

icon-metro transitMetro Transit

Metro Small Business Certification recognizes all (SBE) Small Business Enterprise and (DBE) Disadvantage Business Enterprise in the Houston area. The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program requires that any individual or group claiming ownership of a disadvantaged business enterprise must own at least 51% of the organization to be classified as eligible to participate. Our certification number is 8112051634.



Our efforts through the years have earned us some of the industry's most prestigious awards. These include: Award of Excellence and multiple Best of Catategory in the Graphic Excellence Competition sponsored by the Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast.

- In 2010, Metro Transit Authority Recoginzed AbsoluteColor.com's commitment to customer service with the Excellent Service Award.

- In 2011, AbsoluteColor.com received the Printing Industry of the Gulf Coast award for:

  • Best of Category (2 Awards)
  • Award of Excellence