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Odds of claiming any Prize(s) depends on the number order and dollar amount place under your Account. No transfer, substitution or cash equivalent for Prize(s) is allowed, except at Absolute Color.com sole discretion. Absolute Color.com reserves the right to substitute any Prize(s), in whole or in part, of equal or greater monetary value if a Prize(s) cannot be claimed, in whole or in part, as described for any reason, including export laws. Value is subject to market conditions, which can fluctuate and any difference between actual market value and ARV (Average Retail Value) will not be awarded or match. The Prize(s) may be subject to restrictions and/or licenses. Absolute Color.com have not made and Absolute Color.com are not responsible in any manner for any warranties, representations, or guarantees, express or implied, in fact or law, relating to the Prize(s), regarding the use, value or enjoyment of the Prize(s), including, without limitation, its quality, mechanical condition, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, with the exception of any standard manufacturer's warranty that may apply to the Prize(s) or any components thereto.


PAYMENTS TO POTENTIAL WINNERS ARE SUBJECT TO THE EXPRESS REQUIREMENT THAT THEY SUBMIT TO ABSOLUTE COLOR.COM ALL DOCUMENTATION REQUESTED BY ABSOLUTE COLOR.COM TO PERMIT IT TO COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE FEDERAL, STATE, PROVINCIAL, LOCAL AND FOREIGN TAX REPORTING AND WITHHOLDING REQUIREMENTS. ALL PRIZE(S)S WILL BE NET OF ANY TAXES ABSOLUTE COLOR.COM IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO WITHHOLD. ALL TAXES IMPOSED ON PRIZE(S)S ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNERS. In order to receive a Prize(s), potential winners must submit the tax documentation requested by Absolute Color.com or otherwise required by applicable law, to Absolute Color.com or the relevant tax authority, all as determined by applicable law, including, where relevant, the law of the Prize(s) recipient(s) country of residence. The potential Prize(s) recipient(s) is responsible for ensuring that they comply with all the applicable tax laws and filing requirements. If a Prize(s) recipient(s) fails to provide such documentation or comply with such laws, the Prize(s) may be forfeited and Absolute Color.com may, in its sole discretion, relist the Prize(s) back on the Prize(s) list.


All federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations apply. Absolute Color.com reserves the right to disqualify any Customer(s) from the Prize(s)s if, in Absolute Color.com's sole discretion, it reasonably believes that the Customer(s) has attempted to undermine the legitimate operation of the Prize(s)(s) by cheating, deception, or other unfair playing practices or annoys, abuses, threatens or harasses any other Customer(s), Participant(s), Absolute Color, or the Staff.


By accepting a Prize(s), Customer(s) agrees to Absolute Color.com and its agencies use of his or her name and/or likeness and Photographs for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation, unless prohibited by law.


By entering the Customer(s), you agree that exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute, claim, or demand related in any way to the Prize(s)(s) will be decided by binding arbitration. All disputes between you and Absolute Color.com of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of these Rules, shall be submitted to Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc. ("JAMS") for binding arbitration under its rules then in effect in the Houston, Texas, USA area, before one arbitrator to be mutually agreed upon by both parties. The Customer(s) agree to ALL arbitration costs incurred.