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Credit Application (Online Version)

Please complete the credit application form below to apply for a new account:
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--- Credit Terms & Conditions ---

For the purpose of establishing and maintaining credit, the statements and information provided in and with this application are full, true, and correct. Applicant authorizes Absolute Color to make inquiry into, to request, and to receive any information concerning character, general reputation, financial or credit status from creditors or financial institutions which Absolute Color deems relevant for the granting and collection of the proposed indebtedness and the Applicant authorizes any creditor or financial institution to divulge such information. Applicant understands that Absolute Color will rely on the accuracy of any information set forth in and with this application and all information obtained in determining whether to extend credit. Applicant agrees to pay all charges within 30 days from invoice date. Applicant understands and agrees that payment in accordance with agreed upon terms is not contingent on Applicant’s receipt of payment from any other party for goods or services provided by Absolute Color. Applicant agrees to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees, in the event Applicant fails to pay any charges when due.

Absolute Color reserves the right to not extend credit to the Applicant or to withdraw credit at any time at Absolute Color’s sole discretion. Applicant wishes to apply for credit with Absolute Color in accordance with these terms and conditions which have been read, understood and accepted. The undersigned is an officer or owner of Applicant and is authorized to represent and bind Applicant with respect to these matters.

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