Environmental Statement

eco friendlyAbsoluteColor.com has taken the initiative and grown into an environmentally friendly company by taking significant steps in our production of printed products. AbsoluteColor.com even goes the extra mile to offer paper products that are recycled from certified sustainable production systems.

AbsoluteColor.com believes in using recycled paper products containing recovered fibers, which include pre or post consumer sources, or both when possible. As a result, there are significant environmental advantages of producing recycled paper over non-recycled paper. AbsoluteColor.com uses and recommends to our customers to choose FSC® certified paper. The advantages create an eco-friendly footprint by reducing the impact on forest resources, less pollution, lower consumption of water and energy, and minimizing solid waste.

AbsoluteColor.com also incorporates the use of eco-friendly soy-based inks and solvents in our production which emit very low traces of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are the fumes emitted into the air from inks, solvents and cleaners as they are used or while they dry. Our VOC levels are one of the lowest in the world and much lower than the required amounts set by the AQMD. In comparison, petroleum based inks release a much greater amount of VOCs than soy inks. Soy inks are extremely beneficial during the paper recycling process since removing soy ink stains from paper is much easier than other artificial inks. Soy inks are easily washable and cause less damage to the paper fibers. As a result, the recycled paper is much brighter and fit for reuse. Furthermore, the waste produced by soy inks does not pose any threat to the environment and is easily treated using modern methods. Soy inks are popular for their vibrant colors and are becoming an increasingly popular alternative in the printing industry.

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AbsoluteColor.com uses unique Aqueous and UV coatings, yet another critical step in producing environmentally friendly print products. The coatings consist of very low to zero traces of volatile organic compounds (VOC) reducing harmful components that damage the atmosphere and the surrounding environments. Impregnated washing systems are used for press rollers and blankets which consist of minimal traces of VOCs. Fountain solutions are free-of or use reduced VOC solutions. AbsoluteColor.com is constantly looking out for safer and more environmentally friendly press room products. We recycle all solutions and remove all hazardous waste from our facilities to prevent it from getting into the natural environment. AbsoluteColor.com production facilities are alcohol-free environments using only alcohol substitutes. Continued development with press room products assures only the safest solutions will be used in our facilities.

In our continued commitment to the environment, AbsoluteColor.com takes every opportunity to offer customers environmentally conscious and friendly solutions by expanding our recycled paper selection while still retaining a high degree of quality. We always strive to be a good steward of our planet because the future of our environment depends on the choices we make today. We are thrilled to provide you with the choice to use recycled papers and other green products and encourage you to take advantage of these eco-conscious choices. Together we can make a difference.