File Upload

file has partnered up with to allow our customers to transfer large files safely and securely to our prepress server. With this partnership, our clients can send files up to 2 GB without compromising the potential loss of data. realizes that traditional formats for transferring large files are often unreliable. Email has file size limits, CDs can be lost or damaged and FTP systems are often tricky. understands that receiving mission-critical files is vital to getting our client's print jobs out on time.

Uploading files to is a breeze. Simply click on the Hightail icon and follow the simple instructions provided below. Or you can view the upload video tutorial at the bottom of this page.


Simple Instructions:

  • Full Name: (This is your name)
  • Email: (This is your email so we know how to contact you)
  • Subject: (This can be your job title, PO, Order number, etc.)
  • Message: (This can be a quick note or special request to the recipient of your upload. Remember also to include your phone number.)
  • Select File: (Here you can use the 'Shift' key to select multiple files to be uploaded)

If you have any issues or difficulty with uploading your files, please contact us directly and we will help resolve the problem. Or call our customer service representatives at 713-996-0202.